‘FOR’ the lapband

20 Jan
  1. I will lose weight
  2. I will gain back control of my eating and my life
  3. I will gain self-respect
  4. i will be able to play with the kids on the floor
  5. i will be able to take them walking to the park andmaybe even get on the pay equipment with them
  6. i will stop being in physical pain
  7. my back issues will go away
  8. i could wear high heels
  9. i wouldn’t have to wear layers of clothes to hold everything in
  10. I would not sweat so much
  11. i will be able to hold my babies on my hips and waist.
  12. I will be able to sit my baby on my lap without making her do the splits!
  13. i could sit on the floor
  14. and in arm chairs
  15. i could do cartwheels
  16. i wouldn’t be stared at
  17. my flesh won’t rub against itself
  18. i could walk around naked (after showering!) and not feel like i need another shower because my tummy fat rubs against my thighs and i get all sweaty again! Or my arms rub against my sides and it even hurts!
  19. i could have small boobs
  20. i could lay on my back
  21. i could lay on my tummy and not feel like I am trying to squash a mountain (my tummy)
  22. i could feel feminine
  23. i could have lunch and dinner parties all of the time because I would have more energy and be able to stand for hours on end making delicious dishes for everyone
  24. being able to eat in front of others
  25. riding a bike
  26. go skydiving
  27. go scuba diving
  28. go hiking
  29. go horseback riding
  31. travel and not freak out about plane seats

I could sit here all night typing about the things that could come as the result of the surgery. Sure I can lose the weight many other ways. I have done so before. But the hope that the band gives me is maybe I can keep the weight off for longer that a second? MAYBE? It just freaks me to see so many stories out there of the people who have their band removed a few years down the track due to complications and then they have to try maintaining on their own. What did they succeed? Losing weight? I could, and did, do it with weight watchers.

Is there any guarantee that the band will help me keep off the weight FOREVER?



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