Things I hate about being fat

20 Jan
  1. Grocery shopping is a nightmare. I can barely make it to the last aisle, sometimes I even skip a few aisles. My back and feet start to ache before I have finished the full grocery shopping list.
  2. I miscalculate the size of my arse, making me hit my side into things. Sometimes I will bend over to pick something up, and I will smack my butt into something. Sometimes its people! Very embarrassing
  3. My aches and pains. All over my body in weird places.
  4. I feel really lethargic and heavy. Its an effort to do every single thing.
  5. I can’t carry my baby to the front of my body because my fat stomach gets in the way.
  6. I don’t just step out of my car, I ind of slide to the edge and propel myself forwards with the weight of my legs.
  7. I can’t walk up hill
  8. I sweat
  9. I am out of breath from the smallest of movements
  10. I finish my deodorant sprays way too quickly
  11. I can’t wear high heels (or any heel for that matter)
  12. my feet are wide and look like elephants feet
  13. I feel hungry all of the time even though I barely let a few minutes pass without eating something
  14. I have headaches
  15. I can’t sleep on my back because my fat tummy oushes up my big boobies onto my neck making me feel like I’m choaking
  16. I no longer take the kids to the park because its too much effort
  17. I no longer take the kids to feed the ducks down at the river because its too much effort
  18. when i sit down i look like a fucking round ball; literally
  19. i get sores on my body where my clothes rub on me (thighs, tummy)

Its not about the way that I look anymore. Its more about the way I feel. Sure it wil be a bonus to be able to wear what I want, but there are so many more problems associated with being fat. While I understand that there are people out there who live their lives to their fullest even while being fat, I can’t say that I do. Maybe my body just can’t handle being 120kg. I had problems even when I weighed 98kg. I felt so bad back then. I don’t know how I let myself get here!!


It was while i was pregnant. I started off being 97kg. Before I knew it I was in my 9th month and nothing fit me anymore. Not one single outfit fit me. Out of no where. I ate all day long. I ate everything. We were renovating at the time so we ate out nearly every single day. I could no longer stand to cook. My body ached.

But then I had the baby. I weighed myself the day I left to the hospital to give birth (126kg) and the day that I got home from the hospital (124kg). I don’t know how this could be possible considering I had a baby that weight 3.5kg. It could be that I gained weight the 5 days I was in hospital. Maybe I had fluid retention. Whatever. The fact remains that I still weight 120kg! In 2 years I have y0-yo’d between 124kg and 116kg. WIth a whole lot of effort I might add.



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