Things that freak me out about the Lapband

20 Jan
  1. That I will die on the operating table
  2. that I will die after surgery due to complications
  3. that I will have complications
  4. not being able to drink diet coke anymore
  5. not being able to eat certain foods ever again
  6. getting stuck in public
  7. PB’ing or vomiting in public
  8. ending up woth band complications a few years after surgery and having to remove the band after weight loss
  9. not losing weight
  10. sabotaging myself
  11. realising that the band only restricts me from eating fruit and vegies but still allowing me to eat junk like chips and chocolates
  12. the idea that I stil have to control myself from eating junk food
  13. failing the lapband, wasting all of that money
  14. continuing to have problems even after 13 above
  15. getting depression again even when I have lost weight, because the band doesn’t allow me to enjoy myself with food
  16. admitting that even with the band, I will forever be a fatty
  17. losign weight but then being face with copious amounts of very lose, floppy skin
  18. convincing myself after weightloss that I need cosmetic surgery (even though I have always said NEVER!)
  19. having cosmetic surgery and then dying of complications
  20. my husband having to tell my kids I died because I was having weight loss surgery
  21. my husband having to tell my kids I died because I was having cosmetic surgery related to weight loss surgery

Mostly, my fear is that I die.


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