Going out

30 Jan

Went out to the city last night with another couple. I noticed that our thin female friend picked at her food with her fork, but never actually ate anything. I asked her about it and she said that she is lookign to shed a 3 kg’s and didn’t think that pancakes would help her do that.

I had just eaten a full plate of pancakes and cream and icecream and drank 1/3 of an iced chocolate and 1/2 an iced tea.

How crappy did I feel?

But then I thought, if I knew that I only had to lose 3kg to get to my goal weight, would I not do it in a flash any possible way that I could? Would my skinny friend think differently if she had to lose 60kg to get to a healthy weight?


I know that I got myself here. I know that I made my body 120kg. I acknowledge my responsibility totally and completely. But somehow I wish to let all of the skinny people out there know, that losing 60kg is not the same as losing winter or holiday weight; which translates into 1 to 4kg. It is a totally different issue. Stop pretending that weight loss is weight loss, because it clearly isn’t.

I envy you, skinny friend. I envy your commitment to 3kg. Oh wait, I can lose that in a day.

Take note of my envy, because today it is making me sick.


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