28 Mar

Still here, still fat.


There are days when I don’t actually feel fat. I feel light on my feet. And then I see my reflection in a window or mirror and it seems that I am still fat. No real surprises there.

So, have I actively done anything to change this? No. Not really. I contemplate exercising a hell of a lot. I contemplate actually attempting to really lose the weight. But I continue to eat way after my stomach tells me stop. And I continue to drink and drink and drink iced tea or water or diet coke until I feel like I will explode.

But I have found that the moment I tell myself that I can eat what I want when I want, I tend to not eat as much. The choccies will be there tomorrow as will the chips. But its not helping me lose weight. Its obivous I need to get moving.

But I just can’t be bothered. No silly excuses here.

Still wanting to do the lapband. But I freak myself out thinking that it will never work for me if I don’t get off my butt and move! It will help me eat less but that is all!

I have an app on my iPhone for entering my food intake. It works out the calories after I enter how much I would like to lose a week and how much movement I do. Its an excellent app, but I am not so good at keeping it up. I missed a whole week and toay when I remember I couldn’t be bothered adding todays food intake.

Lazy  much?

It is only a matter of time before I stop comteplating and actually get into action. This has been the longest comtemplation phaze I have ever been in.

Only a matter of time.

Right now I have some onion rings to tuck into. Maye tomorrow?


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