Getting there

12 Jan

Yesterday was a good day food-wise. I did not overindulge nor did I go crazy around food. I ate following the 20-20-20 rule. I stuck to my 1000 calories.

Today I had a good breakfast and am currently sipping my slim right shake with raspberries and a tiny bit of honey. Its not that bad. I was starving at about 11am, and thankfully I had pre-prepared the shake. I didn’t just grab anything, although I really wanted to. I crushed some ice in my blender, and added it to the shake. I have been sipping it since.

I don’t know what my dinner is going to be. What the rest of the family is having is not something I can eat, it being full of full-cream yoghurt and olive oil etc etc etc. I might have a salad with some sort of protein. Maybe eggs. Or tuna.

I don’t know. This planning business is hard work. But I refuse to give in. I really want this surgery to go smoothly. I really want to challenge my body. I really need this.

I am trying to think of food as fuel rather than as a reward or as comfort or as something to do. Food is not a treat. It doesn’t have to be anyway.

I want my life to be about so much more than just what I’m going to eat next. What a waste of a life otherwise.


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