Oh the pain

26 Jan

I am 2 days post-op. I am still in agony. This gas pain is no walk in the park. I knew it would be painful, but no-one ever said it would be THIS painful.

I am feeling kind of down. I am constantly thinking about food. Except that when I sip my liquids, I can barely get down 20 or so mils. And then I think I need to get on with it because I have 13 days to go until I get to mushies!

You have no idea how I want mushies. Or maybe you do? Why has no blogger dicussed how hard this part is? Why has no blogger written about how terrible the gas pain is? How there is port pain? How you can’t bend over or even sit straight because the port digs in (maybe its just the gas? And the bloating. Oh the bloating. No one said that I’d be without any food or liquid for 36 hours and no one said that I’d not sleep for 48 hours!

Well, I’m saying ti now. This is bloody hard. It better all be worth it!



One Response to “Oh the pain”

  1. Isela Scripter November 4, 2012 at 10:24 am #

    Gas pain can be avoided by being mindfull about the things that you eat. avoid too much carbonated drinks and junk foods. –

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