Week 3: Non-scale Victories

14 Feb

Well well. Before my surgery, when I was still sporting my 131kgs, I stopped going shopping. Not because I didn’t like to shop, but because I couldn’t walk more than 10 minutes. Within 15 minutes of shopping, I would start to ache all over. I would search for somewhere just to sit and get my breath, then I would leave. It would really upset me, because I really do LOVE to shop.

But today? I walked for 4 hours straight. I tried on 7 different garments and didn’t even work up a sweat. My back did not ache. My feet did not hurt. My ankles did not swell.

This means so much to me. It means I am well on my way to losing this bloody weight.

I also had my first coffee since surgery. I haven’t been able to stomach it until today. And boy was it good!

I also had sushi for lunch.

My Sushi Lunch

It has been about 5 weeks since I had it. Sadly, it was awful. I can’t remember why I used to like it. I could only have half of it too. So I kind of feel like I wasted my lunch (and my money)! I was really craving a diet coke with my sushi, but I held back. It has been a good 8 weeks since my last diet coke and I would hate to get addicted again. But it’s hard! I really want an icy cold glass of it!

For dinner I have steamed fish and fresh prawns on the menu. I can’t wait!


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