My new ‘thing’: Granny Squares

24 Feb

Rebecca of Manzanita  inspires me all of the time. Recently, I have started crocheting granny squares, because I need something to keep me occupied (read: something to stop me eating out of boredom). I crochet while watching the evening news, and just when I feel like snacking when I know I am not hungry.

I learned how to crochet by watching various Youtube videos.  At one stage, I wanted to give up, but I didn’t! I worked it out. I am glad to say that I have found something that relaxes me. Plus, I am going to have an awesome scarf for this coming winter.

I don’t usually see my new projects through. I toss them aside once I am bored with them never to see the light of day again. But I really want to keep on doing this. I want to see it through right to the end. I want a keepsake of the time when I battled my food demons.

I think it’ll be a good reminder of where I came from and of the person I have become.


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