I used to be fat.



Starting Weight: 131kg (288.2 lbs)

Current Weight: 113kg (248.6 lbs)

Total lost: 18kg (39.6 lbs)

Today’s weight may or may not be just water weight. Stil sick, my kids are still sick. Just hoping with everything within me that hubby doesn’t get sick too. THAT would be hell 🙂

So, yes. My weight. I havn’t seen 113kg yet. I really want it to stay here! I have had no appetite yesterday and today. I have been drinking water today. Hope its enough.

I was on the Australian Lapband forum yesterday and found that some bandsters have put together a lunch for Sydney bandsters! I was so happy!! i think I’m going! 🙂 really really need the support! If you’re in Sydney and are insterested too, view the thread here!

I was blog hopping early this morning and I saw that a few bloggers had added my blog on their reading list! Thank you so much. It seems sometimes that I am talking to myself. And while I started this blog with that intention, I have realised that I really need some support. Its beyond nice to know that those who are reading my blog understand exactly what’s happening with me. No one in my immediate life gets it! My family still ask me the most stupid questions!!

it looks like I am all positive again. I am going to start yoga soon. Maybe if I am feeling a little better this afternoon, I will attempt some yoga workout I find on youtube. Of course! Any little bit counts and cardi right now just will not work. Having this flu/cold thing and asthma + exercise don’t mix.

Anyway, I wish there was I way I could know who is reading this blog. I still can’t use the layout very well, and wish I could have a ‘followers’ badge on here. Does wordpress even have one?