I used to be fat.



While this is a post about my latest NSV, I want to just mention that I hopped onto the scale this morning and it showed 112.2kg! 🙂 I haven’t seen this type of number in well .. actually never. When I was pregnant in 2008 I went from 97kg to 120kg quite quickly. I never weighed 112kg!

So my NSV:

Tights and pencil skirt!!! I never even wore skirts to school. I hated the size of my legs, even when I was much smaller. I always wore pants or maxi skirts. Well, it seems that losing some weight has given me more confidence. My legs are still big, but I don’t care anymore. I can wear a skirt!!! I am out of all of my ‘fat’ clothes now, and just about everything is new. I was a size 26, six months ago. I am not a size 18-20. I am kind of comfortable where I am at the moment. The only reason I am pushign myself to lose more weight, is for my trip on September. Otherwise, I think I would have gotten quite complacent.

I just remembered something! I was sitting cross-legged on the couch the other day. It just happened. I had no idea that I could do it! And my legs didn’t go numb either! 🙂 I mentioned this to family, and that person just looked at me and half smiled, then went on to talk about other things. And they couldn’t possibly understand what this means to me!!! You understand!! I know you do!

Oh. And it’s my birthday today. I seem to suffer from Birthday Depression Syndrome. Apparently it exists. While I love presents and partying, I never actualy party, and the presents I receive are usually not things I would get for myself. I suppose that I don’t surround myself with people who know me well enough. Plus, I start to analyse my life, looking at what I have achieved and what I haven’t, and it gets me down. I’m usually relieved when the 19th rolls around.

Today, I am 32. And I don’t know how I feel about that. Let’s just that its definitely not 23!!!

Take care 🙂