22 Jun

So, I am offically very, very loose. I don’t know why. I am supposed to have 9mls in my band, and I started off extremely tight after my last fil. Slowly, I got less tight. Today, I am so loose. There is little to no restriction. I spoke to my Doc and he said to go in and see him on Monday. I may have a leak. I have lost weight and it is said that the band does get looser with weightloss, but this loose?

Has anyone ever experienced this?

I have to say that right before my period, I do all of a sudden get really, really hungry. I get looser (it happened before but I didn’t think anythign of it because I wasn’t feeling restriction anyway). I have been so hungry. Stomach rumbling and everything. Since my fil of 9mls, I haven’t felt much hunger at all, to the point where I have forgotten what its like. I feel like I am back to having no fill, post-surgery. It’s not nice!!

I swear that I have gained weight just after today! I ate a burger: easily!!!!!!!!! WTF


Thanks to everyone who has been reading and/or commenting! You lot rock!




2 Responses to “Loose”

  1. Michelle June 22, 2012 at 1:12 pm #

    Well I’m with ya my banded sista! I am just wide open! I am 5 weeks post surgery so I guess i’m supposed to be like this, but its killing me. Honestly, I dont even feel like I have anything in me. Its frustrating. First Fill is June 26th so a just a few more days. Yesterday I ate 1545 calories. This is alot for a person with a BAND, but I am hungry every 2 damn hours…tummy growling hunger.

    • Year2Band July 2, 2012 at 12:55 am #

      I remember feeling like this Michelle. I didn’t realise I would feel like I had not even had surgery! I remember gaining about 3kg around this time. Be kind to yourself and know that things will settle down! You will get there!! Took me 5 months to realise this!! 🙂

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