I used to be fat.



Starting Weight: 131kg (288.2 lbs)

Current Weight: 111.3 (244.9 lbs)

That’s a total of 19.7kg! (43.3 lbs) 🙂

While the numbers make me happy, why do I feel more insecure? Suddenly, out of no where, I worry about how I look. When I was bigger, it was kind of like I acceoted that I was fat and disgusting and wore whatever and didn’t care. Now, it takes me ages to get dressed. I feel like I look ok now, maybe more than just ok, and I want to wear the right thing. It’s doing my head in!! Anyone else have this problem?

The other day I got told that I no longer look obese, just overweight. Yep. FUCK YOU for saying that. Not what I wanted to hear. Ever heard of being a little nice? Maybe say something like, “You’re looking good”? Fuck you.

Negativity aside, I’ve nearly lost 20kg now!!!!! 🙂