I used to be fat.

Five Things Friday


1. I saw my Psychologist today. She is wonderful and it felt great. Can’t wait to see her again.

2. My feet have lost weight! Flats that were too tight a month ago (couldn’t even wear them!) are a little loose today. My toes appear slimmer too.

3. I used to eat Weight Watchers dinners in the past before the band. I always complained that they were too small and left me still feeling hungry. Today, I ate a 3rd of a meal, and felt stuffed!

4. I found brand new Convers All Star lace-ups at the thrift store for $2.50! And, they are pink!!

5. I can’t bring myself to drink water as the weather is just too cold. I have been drinking tea though, but not enough to get in my water count.

Have a great weekend!