108.9kg (239.6lbs)

9 Aug

Another loss 🙂

Ive been sick again this week, and eating a lot! I haven’t eaten like this in ages. I didn’t end up having an unfill, but woke up one day and decided to not stress so much over everything. What will be, will be, whether I stress or not. And guess what? It took a couple of days but it worked like a charm. Of course I need to eat slow, and chew well, but I haven’t been stuck. Its great!

I say I am eating a lot, but that is coming from a place of hardly eating at all. When I think back on what I have consumed for the day, its no where near eating a lot! I have been eating lots of chocolate though, which is evident in my *small*weightloss. Its that time of the month again!! Chocolate makes me happy!! 🙂

Our trip to Paris is nearly here! Just under 8 weeks to go now. I am excited but petrified. My goal is to be 100kg (220lbs) by then, but I know that I wanted to be smaller. While travelling at 100kg is going to be much easier than travelling at 131kg, I can’t help but feel like I wanted to be under 100kg for my first ever (maybe my last) trip to Paris. I feel a little disappointed. But I need to stop thinking like this! It will only set me back, I know it!

I weigh 108.9kg, and I am so happy with that number. It is a breakthrough for me. I have attempted weightloss in the past, and never got past 117kg. So to be where I am is wonderful and I should be proud.

I am proud. I have done well. Slow and steady wins the race, right?




One Response to “108.9kg (239.6lbs)”

  1. Ronnie August 11, 2012 at 12:40 am #

    Chocolate makes me happy, too!

    Seems like lots of people’s bands get tighter when they’re stressed. I hate that it caused you some problems, so glad you got that sorted out without having to worry about an unfill.

    And I would say, don’t worry about being a certain weight by a certain time. Goals are great, but don’t put yourself under too much pressure! 🙂

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